3401001870_8d103e2328Already thinking about those brats and kielbasis on the weekend grill as summer winds down?  Well, before you get there, browse through this collection of succulent links:

1. Wattzon – Australian idea man and Macarthur Award recipient, Saul Griffith’s brain child, Wattzon, is an interactive web site that lets you track your own carbon footprint.  Whether you are a believer in global warming or not, you might be surprised at what you can do to simply live your life a little more responsibly.

2. Retrofitting Suburbia – this February, 2009 article from Popular Mechanics, explores adaptive re-use of blighted suburban retail space.

3. New Urban Habitat – this is a nice, well laid out blog that explores issues of urban sprawl and offers up some creative ways we can address the problems and the opportunities.  It also features a nice load of links for resources!

4. City Repair – This is a site dedicated to helping communities organize on a neighborhood level to improve their environment.

5. Foam Heads of Fury – a gallery of the most eccentric college mascots…both my undergraduate AND graduate school mascots made the list!  See if yours is on there.

Bon Apetit!  …pass the mustard, please.



Woot!  Those links are looking pretty good – here some fresh links for the week:

1. Aquaculture in Iraq : The author of this blog is a  high-school classmate of mine, John Hargreaves.  He is an expert in aquaculture, the practice of farming fish and other aquatic (edible) life in locations far from the sea.  This is his second tour in Iraq helping that poor nation figure out how to feed itself.  His blog posts are extremely well written and provide an intimate look inside Iraq that you won’t find in the mainstream press.

2. Richard’s Real Estate and Urban Economics: Richard Green is an economics professor at USC (Southern California, not South Carolina you crazed SEC fans!).  He provides an interesting combination of facts and opinion about the economy and real estate’s impact.  Worth putting on your RSS feed!

3. New Reburbia :  They are down to 20 entries in this fascinating competition of envisioning redevelopment.  Worth a look at the submittals!

4. Top Urban Thinkers:  While you are in a voting mode, head over to Planetizen and vote for who you think is the most influential people who have shaped the urban landscape.

5. Reef: An art exhibit dedicated to redefining the spacial connection between the street and retail space.  There is some pretty wild stuff being experimented with!

OK, back to cooking the rest of the meal!

Cute story about a student who used his homework assignment to get out of a traffic ticket:

The rigors of the USC Masters in Real Estate Development Program, by Richard Green:

A student of ours emails:

I just wanted you to know that this assignment got me out of a traffic ticket this morning.  La Cienega was shutdown to due an accident and I was trapped. So, I made a u-turn which included driving over a curbed median. A motorcycle cop pulled me over and gave me a lecture about how this isn’t Texas (I have texas plates) and “cowboy driving” is not acceptable….whatever that means. So I told him that I had to get to campus for the mid- term and I had a limited amount of time to complete the homework assignment. I pulled out assignment #3 to make my story credible and he took it with him when he went back to his motorcycle.

When he came back he told me that it seemed like the assignment was going to be enough punishment and he let me go.