If the following image doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you, hold a mirror under your nose and see if it fogs:

That “hockey stick” is not an Al Gore fantasy, it is our (the U.S. of A) money supply.  What does it mean?

1. You can now understand why Ben Bernanke and company are keeping interest rates down.

2. You can now see why gold continues to appreciate.

3. You can realize that the Feds are out of ammo.  Another trillion dollar run at the printing presses will put the dollar on par with the now failed cruzeiro.

There is only one path, and that is to get the free market moving again.  The way we do that (we’ve done this before) is by returning some semblance of a rule of law.  What we have had out of Washington has been nothing less than rule by fiat.  Businesses cannot anticipate what to do.  Banks cannot lend with any kind of economic sense.  Our tax policy is the laughing stock of the developed world.

Let’s cut the chains that are holding the free-enterprise system in check!  And don’t give me that meme about “that’s what got us into the trouble we are in…”  No, we got into this mess because we could afford to…now we can’t afford it anymore.  We got here with do-gooder policies that expressed more about how we “felt,” than economic reality.  Fact: you can’t give a loan to someone that cannot afford to pay it back and not face consequences when it comes due.

OK, I’m done ranting for now, but if that chart doesn’t steam you…well, maybe you have no “feelings.”