An excellent article over at on the implications of continued high unemployment among the youth.  Spain, which is far further along the socialist utopian scale than we are, has an emerging social class they call “jovenes,” or “youngsters.”  To belong, you have to be between 25 and 35 and a) be living at home because you can’t earn enough bouncing around jobs and b) receive unemployment benefits from the state and c) use your savings for a good time.  They have also earned another nickname, the “Atlas Generation,” because they are carrying the weight of the world and will be in charge of paying for the “economic sins of their parents.”

Why is it so difficult for these folks to settle down into a steady job, raise a family and get on with life?  Well, you have to look at the laws.  The Spanish government wants to protect workers from those evil corporations so they decree some things:

1. Four weeks vacation a year minimum.

2. A very high minimum wage.

3. A “Finiquito” or final pay amount if the worker doesn’t “work out”  of 45 days of salary.

4. A minimum of a 50% employment tax on hirers.

Get the picture?

Now, consider this:

(Hat tip Carpe Diem Blog)

Can we see just a wee-teensy-little-mincy-kinda-sorta correlation?  We had better get some common sense back into our law crafting…after all, those kids in that chart above – they are the ones that will be paying for our Social Security!