After a fairly gloomy week, we are blessed with a spectacular Spring day in Nashville.  The only thing that could improve the crystalline blue sky would be a plume of applewood smoke tinted with the succulent smell of simmering sausages.  Oh, I know, we are not supposed to laud carbon emissions, so to compensate for my lustful vision, here are some links to sites of green retrofits.  I got onto this subject because of a wonderful presentation that our ULI Sustainability Committee put on a couple of weeks ago where they brought in the group that was working on the renovation of the Empire State Building…bon apetit!

  1. Empire State Building renovation – go here and spend some time looking at the videos and interactive exhibits.  This was a renovation done with care and passion.
  2. Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center – this was the first building to get a LEED Gold certification as a historic renovation.  I visited the building several years ago and was impressed by the care they took in preserving the beauty of the original architecture while achieving a sustainable goal.
  3. The Old Mint Building – San Francisco’s “Granite Lady” is getting a facelift and conversion into a historical museum.  This is a good summary article about the scope of the project, complete with a cool slide show.
  4. Madison Children’s Museum – This is a fascinating adaptive reuse and sustainable project in Madison, Wisconsin.
  5. Ford Rouge Factory –  how about taking a 1915 auto production facility and bringing it up to LEED standards a century later?  That’s what is happening at the Ford Rouge factory in Detroit.

That ought to get your green ideas flowing!  Come to think of it, I might try some wasabi mustard on that bratwurst…