Our first brush with spring and this past week’s protein feast was filled with smoky goodness!  Although I am not a big opera fan, I do enjoy some works and I was listening to “Madama Butterfly” while turning the andouille.  This inspired me to go on a short quest for performance art having received a link from a close friend about a performance in Valencia, Spain where opera singers were masquerading as shopkeepers only to emerge from their stalls and perform for the gathered crowds.  That seems to be a new marketing trend – the planned event.  So, in honor of those efforts, here are links to my favorites – I hope you enjoy them too (be sure to suggest others):

1. Opera at the Valencia Mall – I already opened with this, but what a terrific way to bring something that is perceived as “stodgy” out into the mainstream.  I’ll bet attendance was up at the opera following this.

2. Dancing in Trafalgar Square – I think this may have been one of the first ones…classic!  Love the old lady at 1:57.

3. Single Lady – Piccadilly Circus – this was an advertisement for Trident…terrific choreography and togetherness.

4. Grocery Store Musical – the American group Improv Anywhere is pretty famous for great stunts – this one is fun to watch…c’mon, lets squish our fruits together!

5. Frozen Grand Central – this required skill! It’s great to watch the crowd reactions, especially the acerbic New York cart driver…”never mind their moving.”

Hurray for performance art – it makes our days a little lighter.