Got a call from an old friend yesterday as he was driving home.  He was complaining about the fact that it was March and it was snowing.  He lives in Richmond, Virginia.  Not much sympathy on this end, it was flurrying here at the same time.  The joys of doffing the grilling apron, still wonderfully pungent with applewood smoke from the last “man playing with fire” episode, seems far away.  But today, bright clear skies and temperature moving into that “Ideal” range, just like the dial on the smoker that looks like the nuclear device used in World War II; some grilling lies ahead this weekend with some Irish bangers ready to go for an early St. Patrick’s Day celebration!  In case you might be grilling solo, or just for a good workout or commute, here are some great podcasts to link to  your iPod:

1. Business Book Digest: If you are like me, you have a stack of books near your desk and your bedside table.  They all seemed like a great idea at the point of sale, but life gets in the way.  This podcast reviews business books and gives you a summary of each title in 8 minutes!

2. Startup Nation: This is an eclectic collection of ideas and sound advice for the entrepreneurial at heart.

3. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders: This is a great podcast site full of lectures and speeches from Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Center.

4. The Jefferson Hour: This is one of my all time favorites!  They are typically 50-55 minutes long, terrific for a Nordic Trac winter workout! It’s a combination of Clay Jenkins portraying Thomas Jefferson and then Clay himself discussing the thoughts of America’s great founding genius.

5. Onion Radio News: We all need a little humor – the guys over at the Onion provide nice bouts of levity to put on the iPod to lighten up that drive home.

Till next week, happy grilling and remember to soak those wood chips before tossing them into the inferno!