A spell of warm weather in mid-February had us firing up the Webber over the weekend for some processed meat goodness!  The rigors of teaching real estate finance over at the Owen School of Vanderbilt University have kept me away from this interchange for a bit, but as the mod winds down to exams, I will have a little more time to scribe again.  This week’s installation of the grill has some links to articles I have read recently that are thought provoking and worth a sit down.  Enjoy!

1. Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s long time partner has penned a “parable” over at Slate and it is a bit chilling.  I am not sure if parable is the right term, maybe “parallel,” would be better.  Read the story of “Basicland” and pray that their devolution to “Sorrowland” is not our fate.

2. Using my “Read it Later” application, I had set this article from the Economist aside – read it last night and can’t find much to disagree with in “Bubble Warning.”

3. The older I get, the more amazed I am at how much we have forgotten and how much we can learn from the ancients.  I finished reading Victor Davis Hanson’s “Who Killed Homer,” a few weeks ago and have been tearing up cyberspace looking for resources about the wisdom of the Greeks.  Found this short article on property rights that is well worth the read: “Property Rights and Law among the Ancient Greeks.”

4. Wonder what’s gone wrong with upper management in America?  According to Naom Scheiber, it’s our business schools.  This makes for an interesting discussion, especially if like me, you teach in an MBA program.

5. The concept of wealth creation seems to be under attack today.  Yet, it is the engine that inspires others to achieve.  If we are going to grow out of this recession, we had better stop trying to destroy those that can best do it, the wealth creators.  Here is a strong defense of this “fundamental pillar” of the American social contract from Commentary Magazine.

With that, dear reader, I need to get back to crafting the final exam for my class!