A tad bit of real work on a consulting gig and Thanksgiving has kept me away from the grill for a couple of weeks, but this weekend, I am going to brave the forecasted -30 degree weather and fire up the Weber!  I am feeling some separation anxiety for fire scorched meat – we were away for Thanksgiving, so my traditional smoked turkey extravaganza did not occur.  We’ll make up for it this weekend and over the Christmas/New Years festivities…I’m thinking Cajun pork loin, roast lamb and maybe we’ll just pull the Fat Man look alike smoking device out for a turkey.  In the interim, while you wipe the saliva from your chins over thoughts of such delicacies, here are some electronic links to keep your mind fresh:

1. Nokia – the future of phones: I don’t see a Blackberry or iPhone killer in there yet, but take a look at what the folks at Nokia see as the future of communication.

2. Microvision – here’s a technology that is already here.  Imagine being able to project your Powerpoint presentation onto the back of an aircraft seat with your Blackberry?  (With the radio off, of course!)

3. The Power of Dreams – this is a series of short films by Honda on innovation and success.  They are very instructive, especially for the entrepreneur.

4. The World – I stumbled on this concept channel surfing a few nights ago.  It is a luxury second residence at sea.  Truly a unique way of life!  I don’t know how they are doing in the current downturn, but I guess you could always sail your ship to a location where the economy is better.

5. Singularity – I heard Ray Kurzweil speak at ULI a couple of years ago (he invented the fax machine and numerous other technologies) and became a regular follower of his weekly (or daily if you have the time) newsletter.  Here’s a link to his Singularity resources which will whet your appetite.

Have a great weekend!