I use the Readitlaterlist application on my browser (and on the Blackberry), and some down time over Thanksgiving gave me a chance to get caught up on a few items.  Here are a few articles that might be of interest to those of you in the real estate biz:

1. “The Architect as Totalitarian” –  a stinging indictment of Le Corbusier.  Cleverly written, the author equates the architecture of the “great” Le Corbusier with Pol Pot.

2. “Why This Real Estate Bust is Different” – a thorough analysis by the folks over at Investor’s Insight, “Real Estate Bust 2.0” paints a pretty sobering picture of where we may be heading.  I can’t decide if I am becoming a cynical pessimist or a pessimistic cynic.

3. “The Limits of Transit” –  the good folks over at New Geography are taking the proponents of mass transit to task on the cost/benefit of mass transit.  Bottom line it is not a panacea and should be approached by each municipality with caution.

4. “Let’s Handcuff the Property Cops” – a short missive against over-bearing HOA’s from the stable of good writers over at the Land Institute.  This one from a green perspective, takes to task the nosy neighbor’s harmful intrusions into private affairs.

5. An Interview with Wendell Berry – I have always been a big Wendell Berry fan – I think it’s my inner Agrarian surfacing from time to time – this is a nice interview with the writer on his views of  local farming, greed, the consumer society etc.

There were a few others, but honestly some of the stuff I had tagged to read later I was scratching my head about – does that ever happen to you?  Set an article aside to read later and then wonder why you clipped it in the first place?  Thought so.