We are having some beautiful grilling weather here in middle Tennessee; you can smell the wood chips smoking in the early evening as folks enjoy their last shots at barbecuing without fleece on.  Earlier today we attended an excellent meeting of the Urban Land Institute’s Infrastructure Committee and I thought I would share some sites and articles on that topic for this week’s collection of links.  Bon Apetit!

1. Rain Gardens – Folks, I really believe that fresh water is the coming oil shortage problem within the next 20 years. I like small, local solutions to those types of issues and planting rain gardens is a very nice baby step we can all take to improve rain water filtration.

2. Conservatives for Public Transportation – short video interview with William Lind who co-authored with Paul Weyrich the book, “Moving Minds: Conservatives and Public Transportation.”  A compelling case for the benefits of public transit.

3. Bicycle Parking – one of the impediments to more bicycle commuting is where to stash the bike that you rode to work.  Take a look at the largest bicycle parking facility in the Western Hemisphere – downtown in my old hometown, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Love hearing that Portuguese!

4. U.S. High Speed Rail Association – I am a HUGE fan of high speed rail.  Take a browse through this site to learn more about the efforts here in the U.S. Be sure to click on the interactive map and see where your city fits in.

5. Complete Streets – coming soon to a town near you!  Complete streets are a smart way to retrofit our urban grid and develop new streets more intelligently.

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!