Busy week so far!  We got the newsletter out yesterday and have been in a lot of meetings with owners and asset managers of distressed assets.  But, we still manage to make time to peruse the cyber-universe and bring you the best of the web for our industry.  This week’s theme?  Well, I am in a Halloween mood, so let’s dress up and be Contrarian!

1. Limits of Transit – this is an intriguing study on the costs of transit.  I love the light rail systems in Denver and Dallas, but we need to be careful as we encourage and implement transit strategies around the country.  This article should make you think.

2. Self-Jiving Nation – if you were lulled into a sense of complacency that the economy is turning around and that the GDP numbers released yesterday were “great news,” this article is a bucket of ice-cold water to pour over your head.

3. Bloodhound Blog – what if we haven’t found the bottom of the housing market?  What if Fed policy has artificially inflated pricing by as much as 5%?  Read this analysis and find out.

4. Unsustainable – the Altos Research folks take a stern look at the Case-Schiller numbers recently released. Ouch.

5. Stanford Entrepreneur – OK, there’s only so much bad news I can take too…here’s a great useful link that features pod casts from leading lecturers at Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Center.  Tired of listening to your daughter’s Jonas Brothers tunes over and over? Replace them with a quality podcast from this site!

Well, the storms are moving in so the brats may have to be cooked in some dark ale and broiled for a little char…Happy Halloween!