If the rain will go away, we should have some good grilling weather this weekend!  Here are some thought provoking links to share around the barbecue:

1. Structure – this is an interesting site to peruse.  This link takes you straight to an article about building the tallest (nine story) stick frame building.  If we could get that technology down, imagine what it will do to overall cost!

2. Spain’s Green Jobs – this is a link to a PDF of a study about the effect on employment that Spain’s push to be “all things green” has had.  Before you drink anymore of the environmentalist Koolaid that says we are going to create a green employment nirvana, you’d better have a look.

3. Off the Edge Humor – we all need a laugh – especially these days.  This simple blog offers up a daily dose of good cheer!

4. Notes from a Hospital Bed – “Traction Man” is a British journalist who is in traction for several months in a UK hospital – he shares images of his food and other thoughts about living with socialized medicine.  I confess, as a foodie, I am astounded at how bad this slop looks and obviously tastes!

5. Yugoslavian Greenbrier – If you’ve ever been to the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia, I hope you have had the privilege of touring the nuclear bunker that was built there for our bureaucracy. Guess the Yugoslavians had the same idea.  I wonder what’s going to happen in a couple of hundred years as more of these old shelters are found – what will they think?

Enjoy the weekend!