The air is getting a little chillier – might need to wear some fleece when you retrieve those succulent sausages off the Weber this weekend, but to help get you there, here are the offerings of links for the week:

1. Wall Stats – this site offers an innovative way of looking at complex information.  Be sure to study their “Death and Taxes” poster…you won’t care about cholesterol content after that!

2. Evernote – this is a neat application that I use a lot.  It syncs with your Blackberry or I-phone, and it is a place for clippings from articles you’ve read, bookmarks, etc.  They recently upgraded the platform to make it even easier to file and find various notes.

3. Read it Later – while we are on the subject of cool applications, Read it Later allows you to bookmark an article and, as the title suggests, read it later.  You can access your account from any computer or a smart phone, so it’s great when you are traveling and you want to get caught up on your reading.

4. Solar Decathlon – With all the focus on solar power – why not have a race to see which team could build the most energy efficient house that uses solar power?  OK, let’s do that!  Department of Energy is doing it – check it out.

5. E-Book – release your inner Wordsworth and write an e-book!  Here marketing guru, Seth Goodin tells you how.

OK, I’m stuffed with all this good information, hope you enjoy it.  Have a great weekend!