I confess, I have been a Leon Krier fan ever since I read about his involvement with Seaside.  Now, in the words of Charles Frasier, that development has become the world’s “largest horizontal hotel,” but it certainly has served as a case study for new urbanism.  I just finished Krier’s newest book, “The Architecture of Community,” and I am impressed.  Krier is setting forth the case being made in all the development publications that our future development patterns will be mixed-use, dense and town centric.

Krier is a fan of classical building patterns – obviously more at home in a piazza in Italy than a suburb in Indiana. He decries the modern building form as “sterile and limp.” and when you look at some of the office buildings I see out my window, including the gleaming new Pinnacle tower which blinds you if you are coming in on Franklin Road at 4PM, I can’t say I disagree.  But then, maybe I’m an old fogey in my tastes.  I agree with Krier that our very souls are crying out for something that really feels like home, not the thousand acre subdivisions with garages staring back at us along every street.

James Howard Kunstler, who writes the afterward of this intriguing book concludes far more directly than I could:

The debate over these things – traditional architecture and urbanism versus modernism and suburbia – is now concluded.  The future can now reconnect with the past to create that dwelling place I call a hopeful present.  This book is Mr. Krier’s gift to the coming generations – who, otherwise, have been left saddled by us with little more than extravagant debts in every way you could imagine.  They are going to have to inhabit what remains of this planet, along with whatever remains of its resources, when we are gone, and Mr. Krier’s heroic, often lonely labors, have produced this indispensable beacon of principle and methodology to light their way home.

Buy this book and read it…absorb the thinking of a visionary man.  Perhaps we can use these valuable lessons when the market finally does turn around again.  Click on the image below and it will take you straight to Amazon.  Enjoy!