We’re sort of in that one-year-on mode from what happened in September, 2008.  I was paddling up in the Chesapeake Bay when the message came over my Blackberry that our German investment group had pulled out of a large apartment we were getting ready to develop.  No, I didn’t have the Blackberry in the kayak with me, but saw the little red blinking light when we got back to the car.  The tone of the e-mail was chilling – something about “we do not wish to invest in the United States at this time.”  When I got back to Nashville, we scrambled to replace the financing, but the world was falling down around us.  I did what I always do in times of crisis – head to the backyard, put a killer kielbasi on the grill and quaff down a couple of Sam Adams.  In honor of that event, this week’s selection of links re-visits and catches us up on those tumultuous days.  I don’t know if we are out of the woods yet, but just in case, I’ve got some Motor City brats sitting in the fridge.  Enjoy!

1. Time of Crisis – This is a powerful piece done by Reuters.  It has a painful video and then an interactive timeline.  Makes you think.

2. Bubblemeter – David and James run this blog out of the D.C. area.  It’s well written and documented – the next time you hear the term “green shoots,” click over here and get a little dose of reality.  A post from earlier this week – “housing prices expected to fall another 14%.”

3. Roubini’s Blog – Nouriel Roubini predicted this thing – he obviously follows some data that the others don’t.  He’s cautious about where we are right now…I check in over here on a weekly basis to get the latest.

4. Baseline Scenario – Heavy hitting bunch of bloggers over here including former McKinsey consultants, head of the IMF and an MIT Professor.  They have assembled a tool box of information at this link to really help you understand what led to the crisis.

5. Beyond the Bubble – This was a piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week.  It’s another good summary of where we are now one year later.

If  you have any other sites that are worth a look on this topic, please send the links along.

Remember, chew your food twenty times, then swallow…sip of beer…repeat!