Last week’s little adventure up in the Blackwater Preserve kept me away from the weekly grill, but we will do our darndest with this fresh batch of links to get caught up!  Even though it is after Labor Day, we can still keep the Weber on the patio and offer up some weekly delicacies:

1. Museum of American Finance – I have visited a lot of museums in New York, but this one has escaped my perusal.  I promise to allot some time next trip to take this in.  Their section on “tracking the credit crisis” is particularly intriguing.

2. Feld Thoughts – Brad Feld is a serial entrepreneur and one of those thinkers that flies at about 30,000 feet.  I enjoy browsing his blog periodically for interesting thoughts and ideas.  He is the founder of Mobius Venture Capital and the Foundry Group.

3. Freakonomics – I loved the book, Freakonomics, but did not realize there was a blog that featured content from the every whacky world of economics.  Worth the bookmark and a periodic browse!  If you haven’t read this book, click this image below and get yourself a copy!  Who can resist a book authored by a “rogue economist?”


4. The International Living Building Institute – an off-shoot of the Cascadia Region Green Building Council in British Columbia, this site is still a little “green,” but if you are up for the membership fee, I expect it will grow as a resource going forward.

5. “How the Crash will Reshape America” – this is a link to an article in the March edition of the Atlantic Monthly.  I had put it on my “Read it Later” list and got caught up on the flight up to Baltimore last week.  It’s a sobering analysis of where we have come from and where we might be going.

Enjoy the links!  Pass the mustard…