3401001870_8d103e2328I’m getting ready to dust off the Weber for some serious Labor Day grilling!  Hope you are too.  To help get your creative juices flowing before those mouth-watering keilbasis come off the mesquite, here are this week’s offerings of useful or interesting links:

1. Thanet Earth – maybe this is one way to address food shortage…a greenhouse that operates 24/7 the size of “80 football pitches.”  Umm, that’s big!

2. Seedmagazine – if you ever wondered why some people like milk and others don’t – there may be more to it than you realize. This is a pretty interesting article!

3. Making Home Affordable – whether you like the Obama administration or not, you have to admit that they are a tech savvy bunch.  This is a link to a Treasury Department web site that is designed to convince you to re-finance your house.  It’s all part of a strategy to change your behavior, according to Nancy Scola at Frontier, who weighs in with this week’s #4:

4. The New Interface of Governance – I have to admit, this creeped me out a little, but it’s an interesting perspective!

5. CIA World Factbook – back in the OLD days of the Cold War, we used to say that our problem was we couldn’t get enough information on the Soviets…their problem was there was TOO much information about us.  Well, here, the CIA lays out a heck of a lot about what they know.  I always check this site before I travel!

Have a terrific Labor Day weekend!