3401001870_8d103e2328Already thinking about those brats and kielbasis on the weekend grill as summer winds down?  Well, before you get there, browse through this collection of succulent links:

1. Wattzon – Australian idea man and Macarthur Award recipient, Saul Griffith’s brain child, Wattzon, is an interactive web site that lets you track your own carbon footprint.  Whether you are a believer in global warming or not, you might be surprised at what you can do to simply live your life a little more responsibly.

2. Retrofitting Suburbia – this February, 2009 article from Popular Mechanics, explores adaptive re-use of blighted suburban retail space.

3. New Urban Habitat – this is a nice, well laid out blog that explores issues of urban sprawl and offers up some creative ways we can address the problems and the opportunities.  It also features a nice load of links for resources!

4. City Repair – This is a site dedicated to helping communities organize on a neighborhood level to improve their environment.

5. Foam Heads of Fury – a gallery of the most eccentric college mascots…both my undergraduate AND graduate school mascots made the list!  See if yours is on there.

Bon Apetit!  …pass the mustard, please.