3401001870_8d103e2328This week’s collection of savory links offers up some helpful material and thought provoking and idea generating places to go:

1. Manyeyes – This site is in beta testing, but offers unique ways of visualizing data and even manuscripts.  Want a word tree for HR-3200, the Healthcare “Reform” act working it’s way through Congress?  Got it right here.

2. Weird Architecture – need some inspiration for that 2 acre parcel you are holding onto and thinking about developing when the time is right?  Take a look at this site for some ideas!

3. Green Building Elements – it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff in all the talk of “green building.”  This little site does a nice job of showcasing some good quality projects.  I hope it generates some good ideas for you.

4. Freedom Ship – who wouldn’t want to “work, live and travel,” all at the same time?  As a retired Surface Warfare Officer, this little gem speaks to me.

5. The New Industrial City – a thought provoking article from one of the writers in Joel Kotkin’s group over at New Geography.

Bon apetit!