I love sausage !  Here are some fresh links for the grill:

1. BLDG Blog – an eclectic mix of architectural dreaming and cool design, worth the browse.

2. Nashville Green Ribbon Committee – here’s the report from the Mayor’s Green Ribbon Committee – whether you live in Nashville or any other town, there are a lot of initiatives and ideas that make this worth a browse.

3. The Reference Desk – This is a real stripped down site that offers links to a number of sites of note.  Hey, I found some cool links for the Blackberry stumbling around on this little gem.

4. Daily Lit – If you are like me, keeping up with my reading list is a bear.  Books tend to pile up in the corners of the office because I have yet to solve my bookaholicism…I’m working on it!  This is a great site to get books sent to you via e-mail so they get added into the daily read.

5. Infranet Lab – This is a fascinating tour of the built environment of infrastructure…I can’t explain it – this is how they describe their site:

InfraNet Lab is a research collective probing the spatial byproducts of contemporary resource logistics. The laboratory posits the argument that a body of unique built works continues to arise out of the complex negotiation of, and competition for, biotic and abiotic resources. Operating in a manner similar to infrastructures, these works have evolved to merge landscape, urbanism, and architecture into a sophisticated mutant assemblage of surfaces, containers, and conduits

Enjoy the links and pass the mustard!