The “Goldilocks” Cities

I have referenced Joel Kotkin’s work before in these posts and here we go again! He has a new article out – saw it in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week- that sings the praises of family friendly cities. You can read the article¬† titled “The Rise of Family Friendly Cities” at the link I just gave you. He documents the actual population movements of various cities across the United States and has determined that despite all the hype of the “cool cities” like New York or San Francisco, the population is voting with their feet and they are moving to cities that are more family friendly like Raleigh-Durham and Fort Worth…OR my two favorite cities, Nashville and Denver.

These last two were not specifically mentioned in the article, but I like to think of our two operational bases as “Goldilocks Cities…” not too hot, not too cold. Both Denver and Nashville have experienced steady population (and more importantly JOB) growth. Both feature wonderful suburbs and midtown areas that are extremely friendly for young families; think Midtown, Brentwood, Bellevue, Franklin and Hendersonville in Nashville or Wash Park, Littleton, Stapleton in Denver. YET, both of these Metropoli also feature some pretty COOL stuff. Nashville’s downtown is resurgent with great restaurants and entertainment/sports opportunities. We also have Music Row, and all the wonderful venues around Hillsboro Village…and it doesn’t get much cooler than the Bluebird Cafe in Green Hills! Denver has LoDo and the incredible walking experience of the 16th Street Mall.

These are cities whose future is very bright because with the coolness factored in, younger people who grow up in these towns will be encouraged to move back and stay. Heck, with Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipscomb in Nashville and University of Denver out west, they don’t even have to go away to get a fantastic college education!

Take a look at your city? What’s the temperature of the porridge there?